Updated February 17, 2021

P3 Flyers
Calendar 2021

New Leader

From 2021, the Team will consist of four P3s. Our leader Marco will act as ground controller and the new leader will be Marc.

Hopp Schwiiz !
P3 Flyers
Calendar 2020
The season 2019 has begun!
Thanks to the friendly friends of Piestany
The P3 Flyers
Schnupf !
Mostra altro
P3 Flyers
Calendar 2019
P3 Flyers
Sur le Palais Fédéral !

Our new ebroided patch

Look at the Fricktal airshow 2018 video !

Our new Lyto

Thanks Mauro for the good job !

Spitfire by Pilatus ?

Give a look to those WW2 documents.

P3 for the Tunesian airforce ?

P3 was too  dangerous to be sold outside Switzerland.

See this November 1960 document

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P3 Flyers
Calendar 2018

Give a look !

Formation flight with Hunter21. Chappe and Sponge on board.

Over Ambri FL120 , October 4, 2017

See the movie in the gallery.

P3 over the Matterhorn at FL 150 !

Never seen before.

See the movie in the gallery.

Dispaly 2017

Our new programm is ready for the 2017 season

The new P3 Flyers 2017 calendar is online !

Many thanks to our producer Kuki

Click the picture to download the calendar 2017

P3 Flyers season 2016

During the past season our brave P3 has flown about 10'000 Km around Europe !

Hradec Kralove best display overall

Unexpected trophy for thr P3 Flyers !

October 7, 2016 Last display Locarno AFB completed

With our last display we are at the end oft the 2016 season. Many thanks to our fans and spectators, we had a lot of fun and beautiful weather.

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