Up until the mid 50s', young Swiss military pilots learnt the basic skills on the Bücker Jungman and Jungmeister to then move on to the Pilatus P2 for instrument and formation flying and, in a following phase, moved on to the North American AT-16 and Morane D3801 for tactical flying.


With the exception of Andrea Cavadini, who is a corporate pilot, all other team members are private pilots and pursue professional careers outside the cockpit.

It is a true challenge trying to conciliate professional and private obligations with this sort of flying, that often requires being away from home for several consecutive weekends, particularly during the summer months...but it's well worth it!!!


In the first few years, simple formation fly-bys with 2 or 3 aircraft were perormed. With the growing desire to improve and offer a more spectacular display it was decided to specifically train a 4-ship routine and obtain the Swiss authorisation for display and formation flying, wich was done in 2003 for the first time.


“The Swiss Pilatus P3 warbird team"